//New Year’s Update

Welcoming you into the new year, our team at Partners for Endoscopy thank you for your continued support and partnership. We wish you a happy new year and hope it brings you success and prosperity!

With Brexit looming, we have every confidence in the skill and expertise of our administrative staff and our understanding of importing procedures. Furthermore, we widely employ the services of forwarders and agents who have international status.

Whilst there is still considerable uncertainty as the Brexit negotiations take place, based on our understanding today, we do not believe that Brexit will generate unmanageable risks for our business.

We manufacture the majority of our products in-house and use components sourced from within the UK. Also, having a second manufacturing location within the UK, as well as a third in the EU – we feel the combination of these will allow to give a seamless supply to our customers.

Together we will be able to adapt and respond to likely added complexities from Brexit.

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