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Partners & Coronavirus

Latest Coronavirus Update

Partners have a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan in place which is integral to our business. We are confident that our robust approach to both effective business and risk management will ensure sustainable business efficiency.

PFE has carried out a detailed and specific risk assessment across our business in relation to the potential consequences of COVID-19.  We have identified the key requirements to enable us to function under a range of foreseeable scenarios and our plan is kept under constant review.

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Useful Information

Study Regarding Potential Transmission of Coronavirus During Endoscopy

As you probably already aware both the BSG here in the UK & the CDC in the USA has determined that COVID-19 is carried in faecal matter.

We know that faecal matter can enter water bottles which use standard water bottle/caps (see History paper *1). This is from the room air in the procedure room. An independent lab report has confirmed that our Pure range including the Scope Flow Pure Cap and our Endostream Pure stops this contamination (see *2). This includes a 0.2 micron filter which testing has shown to maintain water quality throughout the whole day. This is particularly important in protecting all patients from this transmission route where there could be unknown carriers of the Coronavirus.

We know infection control is about lots of small steps, using the Scope Flow Pure is going to be one of those steps that reduces transmission of this virus between patients.

1. ScopeFlow – History of the Water bottle and supporting test results 0718

2. Scope Flow Pure Report

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