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Endoscopy Protective Masks | Gastroscopy Aerosol Guard

Reducing Cross Contamination of Coronavirus:

With the risk of COVID19 being a major concern during Gastroscopy procedures, Partners For Endoscopy, leading Gastroenterology equipment manufacturers proudly present, the world’s first Endoscopy Protective Mask Guard.

Our Endoscopy Protective Mask Guard enables the patient to receive Gastroscopy via a mask using a single use double vented mouth-guard, reducing potential cross contamination of the COVID-19 virus making the whole procedure safer.

About Gastroscopy & The Pure Guard:

Gastroscopy is an Aerosol generating procedure and in these novel times it’s important that we reduce the number of Aerosols that are being produced by the patient to protect the gastroscopy team.

The Pure Guard comprises of two components, the Mouth Guard and an Interfering Grip. The Mouth Guard is novel in that it has a silicon membrane in the centre with a hole cut through it slightly smaller than the diameter of a Diagnostic Gastroscope. The mask is placed over the Mouth Guard which is then secured with the Interfering Grip, resulting in reduced cross contamination of the COVID19 virus.

Key Benefits Include:
  • Greatly reduce the aerosol generated by the patient at source.
  • Universal fitting to fit the variety of masks used in hospitals.
  • Reduced risk of COVID19 cross contamination.
Availability & Costings:

Pure Guard will be available from the first week in July with prices Starting from £3.50. With Partners For Endoscopy being leading suppliers of Gastroenterology medical equipment, international delivery will be available.